Rooted in excellence and experience. 

Three Oaks Media offers almost two decades of experience in a multitude of communication areas, including public relations, media relations, marketing, advocacy, policy, corporate communications, employee communications, event planning and marketing, fund development activities and much more. We have worked in diverse industries, including nonprofit, healthcare, education, finance and others. All of this history brings together a strong foundation to assist our clients in growing their business and/or their personal brand.

Our name comes from a love of strong, amazing trees and nature, and the impressive strength and beauty found in the world around us. Throughout centuries, nature finds ways to ground its roots to weather changes. We find this to be a great philosophy to life in general. We also are pretty excited about the communications industry and helping others find their voice and success!

We believe that giving back is critical to growing a strong foundation in our communities. We’re proud to donate 10 percent of our annual net sales to charity.

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